Your Future with Les Restaurants Quebec Pizza Inc.

We strongly believe in the dream of being one’s own boss. At Quebec Pizza, we have combined the right ingredients and years of experience to create a superb growth-oriented business operation. Our delicious, high quality pizzas, oven-baked subs uniquely position Quebec pizza in the marketplace, allowing us to fully capitalize on the fastest growing segment of the Food Service Industry in these uncertain economic times.

The Concept

A good, satisfying, hot and melty chewy Quebec style pizza, served and delivered in and from a fun, inviting and colorful atmosphere by a staff who know the product and genuinely cares about providing a good quality experience.

For thirty years, I sampled a slice at every place that called itself authentic “pizza? and I always came away disappointed in one way or another. If it has the sauce, it was missing the crust. If it was crispy, it had no flavor. If it has some of those things, it was missing even one ounce of decent service and not to mention the broken promises of a timely delivery.

And that’s where the Concept of Quebec Pizza began. I have made it my life’s passion to bring all of the elements that I believe combine to make a great pizza joint. Great Pizza, superb ingredients, service that gives a damn, and community contributions.

I sincerely hope you enjoy your Quebec Pizza experience with us.

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Franchise Opportunities

We are always looking for talented people to join the Quebec Pizza team and have flexible ownership and investment opportunities. We provide assistance in obtaining financing and provide a “turn key? establishment. It is not mandatory to have prior restaurant experience.

We do have franchise qualifications:

Personal Commitment

The food business is a people business. Slight differences in quality can make dramatic differences in sales. The best way to achieve consistent quality is to establish strict employee performance. That is why we require a franchise owner or partner who will be dedicated to the business full time, to be present on a daily basis.


The successful franchisee has a friendly personality that attracts customers and motivates the staff. It is also very important to have a strong desire to succeed and have excellent problem solving skills. If you feel you have the passion and drive to become a Quebec Pizza franchisee, we would like to hear from you.

We look forward to meeting with you!

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To Your Success

The underlying element of our success at Quebec Pizza is the food quality. It is genuinely good and fresh food. We believe that the franchisee adherence to our core philosophy will result in success within the community that Quebec Pizza will serve.

Prudent lease commitments and low start up costs form the foundation of solid financial position. Quebec Pizza strongly believes that for the movement to grow the franchisee must be profitable from the start.

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To Your Future

Our team is dedicated to the success of our brand. Quebec Pizza startup costs are leaders in the industry and fees associated with franchising the brand are modest.

Christos Dimopoulos

For information on franchising opportunities contact us